Universe — Supernova

Astronomers are interested in many things in the universe, the study and do experiments using computer programming and other equipment to try to understand everything they possibly can. One thing that astronomers are currently studying more about and trying to find out more about our supernovas, more specifically supernova explosions. In the film “ Universe- Supernova”, https://www.netflix.com/watch/70143831?trackId=14170287&tctx=4%2C0%2C440776bf-9360-4a50-988d-6fc12fb833db-10322008%2Caea2703a-316c-44d0-8ad5-f4f466e2d244_117660871X3XX1620618905087%2Caea2703a-316c-44d0-8ad5-f4f466e2d244_ROOT%2C, which can be found on Netflix, the film explains and talks about supernova’s that you might or might not already know about. One effective message “Universe — Supernova” is trying to say is that everything alive, from people to animals to plants, is made from the minerals that came from the explosion of a supernova.

One important thing that the filmmakers did that was very crucial, as well as emotional, in the film was that at the very beginning, they asked a couple of questions that they answered at the end of the film or throughout the documentary while making the beginning very chaotic and intense to captivate the viewer to increase their chances that the viewer stays and not skip over their documentary. They also put a lot of background images that would flash to another image incredibly fast to make it even more intense than it already was. The images they chose to flash past very fast played a huge part in the intensity because the pictures they chose were not images you would see in your everyday life. Such as a close-up image of a very enormous red; hot star, the milky way, etc.

One way that the filmmakers efficiently passed on the message that they wanted the view to receive was that they used images behind the person that is explaining the current topic and with their hands to show the logic behind everything they are saying throughout the whole documentary, but mainly for the complicated topics like the scientific explanation for how and why supernova explosion happen. An example of this is when an astronomer shows and talks about how two stars in the universe have the potential to catastrophically explode close to the earth, at a timestamp of five minutes. It is also easier to see what they are talking about through images rather than the words they say, especially for the viewers who do not know anything about outer space and supernovas. Another way they used logic to try to persuade the viewer that what they are saying is true while sending a message to the viewer is by giving some context such as the background information on how supernovae are formed and why they are formed, as well as, how they come to explode eventually at the very beginning of the film.

The second way the filmmakers of “Universe — Supernova” efficiently passed on a message to the viewers that everything is made from a supernova explosion is that they use high emotional discoveries for astronomers. At a timestamp of eighteen minutes, the filmmakers talk about how in 2006, astrophysicists from the University of Chicago finally were able to crack the code of how supernova explodes and what happens inside the exploding star after centuries of studying and experiments from many different astrophysicists all around the world. Another emotional discovery that the filmmakers talked about was that the first-ever evidence that dark matter, neutrinos, existed when a supernova explodes was discovered from detectors that scientists have built under a lake in New York City at a timestamp of thirty-one minutes.

The third way the filmmakers were able to pass the message on efficiently was that the filmmakers used credibility by having professionals, such as astronomers and astrophysicists talk about supernovas and explain the current topic they were on throughout the whole documentary. This helps to pass the message on efficiently because it gets the reader to believe the information they are being told easier and being convinced that what they are saying is all true and factual. This also helps the viewer discard some of the negative thoughts they might have in the back of their mind that would interfere with the trust they have in the documentary. Another way the filmmakers made the documentary more credible was that the astronomers and astrophysicists that were talking had the school they went to and where they worked at such as NASA and CalTech under their names. If this was not enough, they also used strong and highly scientific words in their explanation to make it seem that they know what they are talking about throughout the whole film.

This film, “Universe — Supernova”, has impacted me in many ways. One way it has impacted me is that it has helped me in two of my other classes. Those two classes have to do with astronomy and we have recently taken a midterm for the last couple of chapters and one of the chapters has to do with supernovas. It helped me review things that I forgot about that were very useful on the test and things that I already knew to help me review. The second class that It has helped me on was my other astronomy class, but this class is a lab class in which we do experiments and study more about outer space, such as planets, black holes, supernovas, etc. The second way that this film has impacted me was that it helped me become more interested in the subject which can somewhat help me decide what I want to major in in the future of my college career. The film has made me more interested in the subject of astronomy because they have used techniques that writers use to captivate and persuade the view/reader, such as word choices, experts on the subject to show credibility, etc.

Overall, the film “Universe — Supernova, which can be found on Netflix, was trying to send one of my many messages efficiently by using certain techniques such as credibility, emotion, and logic to persuade and pass on the message to the viewer that humans, animals, plants, and earth, as well as, other planets in space has been formed from the explosion of a supernova, which is why everything has some traces of a supernova explosion such as iron.

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