Astronomers are interested in many things in the universe, the study and do experiments using computer programming and other equipment to try to understand everything they possibly can. One thing that astronomers are currently studying more about and trying to find out more about our supernovas, more specifically supernova explosions. In the film “ Universe- Supernova”,, which can be found on Netflix, the film explains and talks about supernova’s that you might or might not already know about. …

Stephanie Pappas — Live Science Contributor September 24, 2018

Many years ago astronomers would have laughed at the idea that there were planets outside our solar system. As technology further developed, telescopes became more advanced and people were able to see objects outside our solar systems, such as Jupiter and earth. The documentary “Alien Planets” a Netflix series called The Universe, talks about how people discovered the very first planet outside our solar system, and how that discovery had a huge impact on astronomers from that day forth. The filmmakers named this documentary “Alien Planets” because the planets that are being discussed are unfamiliar to scientists and are somewhat…

Richard Phung

My name is Richard Phung, I love to draw and sing on my free time. I love to spend time with my family and my girlfriend. I also love Asian food such as Pho.

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